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Located in the Historic West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio, The Cheese Shop offers an impressive imported & domestic cheese selection.  We maintain our unique niche by offering more than 175 traditional & rare cheeses from all over the world as well as a diverse line of specialty items.

We take pride in excellent customer service & exceptional quality –we encourage you to sample cheeses before purchasing to guarantee satisfaction.  We cut your cheese to order ensuring freshness & allowing you to determine the size to fit your needs.

Isigny Sainte -Mere

Cow's Milk
Aged: 12 months

Mimolette’s striking appearance may remind some of a cantaloupe but it is actually a French copy of Edam.  Dyed a deep orange color & allowed to form a natural rind, it is a wonderful cheese to have on any cheese board.  Firm though surprisingly creamy texturally, Mimolette has a mild & smooth flavor becoming subtly sharp towards the end.  But its most intriguing attribute lies in its exterior: the tiny wholes & texture of the rind are the hard work of harmless cheese mites that gorge themselves while the cheese is aging (the wheels are brushed before shipping to extricate these nits).  Their tunneling encourages air to flow into the cheese influencing Mimolette’s unique flavor that hints at a fruity nuttiness with caramel undertones.

How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?
— Charles de Gaulle

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