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Located in the Historic West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio, The Cheese Shop offers an impressive imported & domestic cheese selection.  We maintain our unique niche by offering more than 175 traditional & rare cheeses from all over the world as well as a diverse line of specialty items.

We take pride in excellent customer service & exceptional quality –we encourage you to sample cheeses before purchasing to guarantee satisfaction.  We cut your cheese to order ensuring freshness & allowing you to determine the size to fit your needs.


Cow's Milk
Germany (Bavaria)
Aged: 2-4 months

At The Cheese Shop we every so often hear: “Oh, I don’t really like blues….”  When we do, we offer a sample of Chiriboga…& watch as the eyes light up, a surprised smile forms & then the words “Wow-that’s good!”

Arturo Chiriboga, an Ecuadorian who mastered German cheesemaking, utilizes a turn-of-the-twentieth century Bavarian recipe to create this buttery-rich blue.  Chiriboga Blue is spreadable & lovable—in fact, Arturo keeps a wheel from each batch he makes for him & his family to enjoy.

How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?
— Charles de Gaulle

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